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The Opportunity

Working for an ABS Group company offers a world of opportunity. Regardless of which ABS Group company you work for, you will be professionally challenged as part of a team that mitigates risk, improves safety, enhances quality and minimizes adverse environmental impact.

The Environment

With 1000 people in over 32 countries, ABS Group companies are global and culturally diverse organizations. Within this dynamic work environment, you will find that we value expertise and experience. We support career enhancement and growth through mentoring, training and tuition reimbursement programs. The culturally diverse workplace of ABS Group companies is truly a convergence of excellence.

The Benefits

ABS Group offers employees exceptional and multifaceted benefits as part of a comprehensive compensation package, which is regularly reviewed to keep it among the most competitive in the industry in the context of the local traditions in the country of operations.

ABS Group and its companies are equal opportunity employers.

Positions Available at EQE Bulgaria

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     Sorry, there are no positions currently available at EQE Bulgaria.

     If you think that your profile might be valuable to EQE Bulgaria,
     please submit your resume to jobs@eqe.bg


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