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Corporate Background

ABS Group of Companies, Inc. (ABS Group) was founded in 1990. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), which was founded in 1862 to provide risk assessment services to the U.S. marine insurance industry. ABS Group's purpose is to expand the mission and diversify the activities of ABS by offering risk management, safety, quality and environmental consulting and certification services to a wide range of industries and companies worldwide.

ABS Group of Companies is a holding company providing management oversight as well as legal, financial and human resource guidance and support to its subsidiaries.

For more information on ABS Group, please visit the corporate site www.abs-group.com

EQE Bulgaria

EQE Bulgaria AD (EQE Bulgaria) was established in 1992 as joint venture with majority shareholder EQE International, Inc. (USA) and 30% distributed to several Bulgarian natural persons.

The company joined ABS Group in 2000, when its parent corporation EQE International was acquired by ABS Group and subsequently merged into the newly established ABS Consulting combining the consulting operations of several former subsidiaries of ABS Group and thus creating a leading independent global provider of Risk Management Services that combines industry experts, risk modelling, practical engineering and technology based solutions.

For more information on ABS Consulting, please visit the corporate site www.absconsulting.com

EQE Bulgaria represents in Bulgaria and the region the full range of services of ABS Group but has also developed particular engineering capabilities as required by the local market. The areas of expertise of EQE Bulgaria include:

•  Engineering Services

o  Extreme-loads and structural engineering
o  System engineering
o  Qualification of equipment and systems for special applications (e.g., nuclear     plants)
o  System reliability and operability services
o  Asset integrity management
o  Technology and R&D projects

•  Risk Management Services

o  Hazard identification and analysis for projects, sites and workplaces
o  Risk analysis
o  Safety assessment

•  Project Services

o  Feasibility studies
o  Regulatory compliance services
o  Project supervision and site management services
o  Project logistics services, tender procedures
o  Management/inspections of local subcontractors
o  Expert services to investors and financial institutions
o Project and programme audit services

•  Management systems consulting

•  Training

For more information on the operations of EQE Bulgaria, please call us at info@eqe.bg

EQE Control

EQE Control OOD is a majority owned subsidiary of EQE Bulgaria established in 2000 as a special company for mandatory supervision of works as per Bulgarian regulatory requirements.

EQE Control holds a full license by Bulgarian authorities for supervision of any type of projects and sites and has developed specific expertise for FIDIC tendering/contracting services and supervision of projects funded by international institutions (EC, IBRD, EBRD, etc).

For more information on the operations of EQE Control, please call us at aks@eqe.bg or visit our web site www.eqecontrol.com.


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