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Corporate Background

EQE Bulgaria

EQE Bulgaria AD (EQE Bulgaria) was established in 1992 as joint venture with majority shareholder EQE International, Inc. (USA) and 30% distributed to several Bulgarian natural persons.

The areas of expertise of EQE Bulgaria include:

•  Engineering Services

o  Extreme-loads and structural engineering
o  System engineering
o  Qualification of equipment and systems for special applications (e.g., nuclear     plants)
o  System reliability and operability services
o  Asset integrity management
o  Technology and R&D projects

•  Risk Management Services

o  Hazard identification and analysis for projects, sites and workplaces
o  Risk analysis
o  Safety assessment

•  Project Services

o  Feasibility studies
o  Regulatory compliance services
o  Project supervision and site management services
o  Project logistics services, tender procedures
o  Management/inspections of local subcontractors
o  Expert services to investors and financial institutions
o Project and programme audit services

•  Management systems consulting

•  Training

For more information on the operations of EQE Bulgaria, please call us at info@eqe.bg

EQE Control

EQE Control OOD is a majority owned subsidiary of EQE Bulgaria established in 2000 as a special company for mandatory supervision of works as per Bulgarian regulatory requirements.

EQE Control holds a full license by Bulgarian authorities for supervision of any type of projects and sites and has developed specific expertise for FIDIC tendering/contracting services and supervision of projects funded by international institutions (EC, IBRD, EBRD, etc).

For more information on the operations of EQE Control, please call us at aks@eqe.bg or visit our web site www.eqecontrol.com.


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